What is a pomsky?

The pomeranian Husky

The pomsky breed is the result of a husky mating with a Pomeranian. You could say it’s a Pomeranian husky. The pomsky is smaller than a husky, but bigger than a Pomeranian. It’s a recent new breed, that’s why it is not so easy to buy a pomsky simply because there aren’t many breeders around.

The character of the pomsky depends on the personality and physical appearance of the parents. The result is a mix of both qualities of the Pomeranian and the husky. They need a lot of exercise, like the husky. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the pomsky’s parents.

Pomeranian husky
Bentley the pomsky thinks she is a superhero

The characteristics of the Pomeranian Husky ‘s parents

The husky is very beautiful, has a good temperament and has a strong personality. They are very intelligent, and can be trained well. They have no problems to socialize with adults, children, strangers and other pets. A husky needs a strong and consistent owner as well as a lot of physical and mental exercise. If he doesn’t get this, he will become destructive and will develop bad manners. He doesn’t bark a lot, howls sometimes, and rarely meets a stranger he doesn’t like.

The Pomeranian is like the husky an active dog who is very curious and loves to discover his environment playfully. They also need a strong boss, if not the Pomeranian will develop the “Napoleon-complex” and will feel like they are the boss. Bad manners are hard to change and some Pomeranians aren’t very friendly to children because fast and sudden movements make them nervous. Despite his small size he won’t hesitate to defend his territory.

The personality of my Pomeranian Husky

I would say my pomsky puppy Bentley has the exact characteristics of both the husky and Pomeranian. Very playful, active, strong personality, stubborn, extremely friendly with people and strangers, not afraid of bigger dogs, just a really nice dog who brings me lots of love and joy in my life.

I have to say that Boy the Pomeranian husky has a different personality. He has not such a strong personality as Bentley, and is more shy but he listens better than Bentley. We can see the difference at the puppy school, Boy loves to please and is very trainable when Bentley just wants to play with the other puppies haha.

So you never really know what you are going to get, but whatever the outcome, the pomsky is a lovely and beautiful dog and will bring so much joy into his or her family. Check out the videos on this website and you will see for yourself, enjoy!